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Understanding Why Social Media Works for Small Business

Social media has been a boon for many small businesses wanting to make their mark online. Whether it’s an active Facebook account, some great short videos on YouTube, or a snarky Twitter account, a business that knows how to do social media right can connect with customers, get their brand out, and reach out to the local community and every area they want to do work.

There are several reasons why social media has been a boon for small businesses.

Reason #1: Bigger bang from fewer bucks
One of the great things about social media is that a small business can start out with $0 of investment. While buying Facebook ads and sponsored Tweets can make a big impact, a business can get started even with no investment at all – and then start slowly and easily scale the advertising on the way up.

Even when looking at buying ads, Facebook ads and YouTube ads tend to get much more views and clicks than Pay Per Click for the same amount of investment. That’s more attention, more followers, more potential long term customers.

Reason #2: Ability to be themselves
One of the major advantages of social media is you don’t need a persona, you don’t need to be overly professional, you can just be yourself and develop friendly, authentic relationships with customers that will lead them to trusting you.

Reason #3: No need for technical expertise
Social media is easy to sign up for and easy to post to, meaning there’s no need for technical expertise like the type that is needed for setting up hosting, creating a website, or even running an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that will get you the results you want. With social media it’s an easy setup, share, and go!

Reason #4: Goes hand in hand with SEO work
If a small business does have a website, having an active social media account allows them to point to that website while an active social media footprint is a major part of ranking a website in the SEO world. You don’t have to choose one or the other. Working with SEO and social media hand in hand will get a lot of local attention for small businesses.

Social media works because it can be locally aimed, and it allows companies to connect with people on a more personal level while revealing their own human side. That builds trust, and people love to buy from the people that they trust. That’s why social media has been a boon for smart small business owners.

 December 21st, 2015  
 Steve Kemp  
 online marketing  
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