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Understanding Content Marketing

As time has gone by, the consumer has learned how to completely ignore all forms of traditional marketing. Today’s consumer owns a DVR in an effort to skip TV adverts, often ignores magazine advertisement, and has become so adept at surfing the web that he can take in any online information he wants with the least care for buttons or banners – making all these options irrelevant. A smart marketer understands that traditional forms of marketing are becoming less effective by the day and that there is a need to find and embrace a better way to market things he or she wants people to buy.

The great thing is that there is an option that makes this possible, and that option is content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing can be defined as the use of a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant, consistent, and valuable content to attract and maintain a clearly-defined audience with the primary aim of driving the customer to make profitable actions.

The main purpose of content marketing is to attract customers and to retain them by creating valuable and relevant content with the main intention of enhancing or changing a consumer’s behavior. Content marketing focuses on owning a media and not renting it and is an ongoing process that works best when assimilated with an overall marketing strategy.

Content marketing is essentially the art of communicating with prospects and consumers without selling and can, therefore, be defined as “non-interruption” promotion. Instead of pitching a service or product, you only deliver information that makes your targeted buyer or consumer more intelligent. This form of marketing is founded on the premise that if a business provides consistent, quality, and valuable information to its buyers or targeted consumers on an ongoing basis, they – the customers and consumers – will ultimately reward it with loyalty and business. The interesting thing is that they actually do.

This marketing approach is fast becoming one of the most relied on ways to promote a brand, product, service or business, with some of the greatest companies in the marketing world using it to market their stuff. At the same time, content marketing is used by small businesses and simple one-person shops all over the world. Why? Simply because it works.

Content Marketing: The Future Of Marketing?

The main different between this marketing approach and other marketing options is that it capitalizes on providing consumers and buyers useful and valuable information leaving them knowledgeable, therefore, allowing them to make more informed decisions when buying a product, service or brand. When done right, content marketing will make a person pause, read, think and act/behave differently. One of the main reasons why content marketing is the future of marketing is because marketing is simply impossible without great, valuable content. The truth of the matter is that different forms of marketing including SEO, inbound marketing, social media marketing, PPC, content strategy, and PR amongst others, cannot work without quality content.

 December 16th, 2015  
 Steve Kemp  
 content marketing, online marketing  
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