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Which Social Media Sites/Apps Are Going To Be Big In 2016?

Certain social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are mainstays, and they likely will be around for quite some time. Then there are the social media sites that are always emerging and either catching on or going by the wayside. Instagram and Pinterest have also been popular, and they have their niches carved out. But what social media platforms are going to be big in 2016?

Periscope is one of those social media tools that is getting popular with all ages, and I’ve seen it’s popularity corresponding with Twitter. You see, my first introduction to this tool was when a meteorologist in Myrtle Beach was keeping people updated with Periscope.

People use Periscope for much more than just weather. There was one example I found online where someone was providing a spectacular Eiffel Tower view. Periscope can take you places and help you see things that you can’t see in person at the time. You’ve got the view, courtesy of others, and they post their Periscope links on other social media sites.

Instagram is already popular as mentioned, but you’re going to see it gaining in popularity even more as well. Snapchat is likely to have run its course, and I would think that it will fizzle in 2016 or simply be replaced by other apps that the teens are raving about for awhile.

Remember that social media is heading in the direction of apps more than anything, as all web-related activity is going mobile. Will Xing take over LinkedIn when it comes to social networking for professionals? Many people think that this will likely not happen because people using social media for professional purposes often don’t change platforms too often.

There are also tools that help you have a better social media experience, yet they aren’t a social media site or app themselves. Disqus is one of those tools, and there is a list of several of them that you might not have even heard about. Disqus helps with spam and managing social media feedback.

Twoo is gaining in popularity, but it’s likely not to take over in 2016 or anything. There are plenty of others, but so far, it’s really hard to discern which ones might break from the crowd. Until Facebook or Twitter starts to fade, it’s like everything else introduced is just an extra social media tool to use to better your experience.

 December 19th, 2015  
 Steve Kemp  
 content marketing, online marketing  
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