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Effectively Using Social Media In Small Business

As a business owner, the term social media at first doesn’t seem to apply to your success or failure. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and countless others to mention here, all used by the majority of your customers, the importance of using social media in your business should become a bit more obvious.

That being said, not all types of businesses are suited for this so understanding when as well as where are the right times to use social media.

social-media-imageIf your business sells products that are easily captured in photos or video, then social media can be a very powerful vehicle to promote things. For example if you own a company that sells dog jackets or your have your own products in a online shopify store. Featuring your products in the best light will attract potential customers while also proving to your current ones that the product is of high quality. Involving people to participate by taking pictures of themselves using your product is also a great way to build even more brand awareness. Research other popular brands in your industry and uncovering ideas to apply in your own business should be easy.

Now, if you are a local business selling services, for example, you own a vancouver furnace company or maybe you do kitchen renovations somewhere in Australia; the point is, social media still can be used effectively in both of these situations. The most important thing to remember is that the majority of people care about themselves so featuring the end result for those who use your service will generate the right types of leads.

social-media-laptop-notebookWhat was mentioned are just a few ways that social media marketing techniques can be used in small business. Another powerful benefit of social media is the ability to monitor one’s online reputation. Local small businesses in particular depend quite a bit on the reviews of previous customers and social media platforms are the usual place where these views are expressed.

By keeping in tune with customer feedback and even being opened minded to negative comments that are constructive, one can improve their business. As you can see, there are many ways that social media can be used effectively even for smaller companies. Participate today and reap the rewards!

 February 11th, 2016  
 Steve Kemp  
 social media  
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